External Cathodic Protection System

GAMA Industry performed design verification, pre-installation tests, supply and installation of the Cathodic Protection (CP) System and raleted civil and electrical works, CP tests, commissioning, operation and maintenance activities for the part of 150 km of Sarir/Sirt-Tazerbo/Benghazi P.C.C.P. (Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe, 4,000 mm) conveyance line of the Great Man-Made River Project with sacrificial zinc anodes.

Linear Part of Main Gas Pipeline “Ananiev – Izmail”

GAYES performed turnkey construction of 76 km long pipeline with 1,200 mm diameter, including 6 km long Danube river passage parallel to the existing line and connect to it.

Moreover, construction of transformer buildings, pig receiver and launcher units as well as electrical works and communication and automation systems works are executed.

Denis Coal Handling and Transport System

Design, supply and construction of a unique coal conveyor system, extending from Denis coal mines to Soma Power Plant was performed by GAMA in two phases. A 8,500 m long, single line, down hill belt conveyor system are constructed during the first phase whereas two 5,500 m long lines were installed during the second phase.

The conveyors have a capacity of 1,000 tons/hr each, a belt width of 1,000 mm and belt speed of 4.5 m/sec.

The Project was executed in technological partnership with KRUPP Industritechnik GmbH (Germany), a subcontractor to GAMA Industry.