Ain-Ghazal Waste Water Immediate Relief Pipeline

Turnkey construction of a Waste Water Treatment Plant including sewage decomposing unit, 220 hectares of waste stabilisation and emergency ponds, 40 km long 50” diameter pipeline including cathodic protection, 4 km long access roads, waste collection and pretreatment system, odour control system, 110 kg/hr automatic chlorination system and maintenance facilities.

Ain-Ghazal Waste Water Treatment Plant

Turn-key construction of 140,000 m3/day Ain Ghazal Sewage Treatment Plant with a treatment technology of activated sludge and anaerobic digestion utilising belt filter presses with polymer dosing system.

Plant includes a sewage decomposing unit, aeration, pre and final sedimentation tanks, anaerobic digesters and sewage mixing tanks, pumps, compressors, 1,000 m3/day filter presses (180 m3/day) sludge cake heat exchangers, boilers and waste gas burners.