GAMA aims to complete power plant project in Bahrain in the third quarter

Delivered more than 400 large-scale projects in 25 countries in the geography from Ireland in the west to Skhalin island of Russia in the east since its establishment, GAMA Holding is constructing one of the most important projects of Bahrain. Noting that construction of the combined cycle natural gas power plant in Bahrain which they undertake is among the most important investments, GAMA Power Systems and GAMA Industry CEO Ahmet Ligvani said, “In October 2018, we succesfully completed the first unit of the power plant consisting of three units. We aim to complete our project in the third quarter of 2019”

Reporting that GAMA Power Systems is amont the leading Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) in the global arena regarding power plants, Ahmet Ligvani pointed out that Gama Industry, GAMA’s other contracting company, is one of the largest companies in the global construction sector of industrial facilities and infrastructure. Noting that GAMA carries out total projects worth $ 3.2 billion in eight countries, including Turkey with 10 thousand employees, Ligvani reminded that Bahrain is among these countries.

“It will be the first H-Class power plant in the Middle East”

Ahmet Ligvani stated that they added a new one to the projects in the Middle East by taking part in the consortium that won the tender for the 800 MW ALBA PS5 Combined Cycle Poqer Plant in Bahrain. Emphazising that this plant is the first one utilized in an aluminum facility in the global arena and will be the first H-Class power plant established in the Middle East, Ligvani said, and “The ALBA PS5 Combined Cycle Natural Gas Power Plant is beign constructed to provide the electricity demand of the sixth aluminum casting line of ALBA. When this casting line is completed, ALBA will be the largest aluminum casting plant in the World”

Underlining that they successfully completed the first unit of the power plant consisting of three units in October 2018, Ligvani stated, “We are planning to complete our project in August 2019. In our first business in the country, we have undertaken the construction of the largest and most efficient power plant in Bahrain. We believe that GAMA’s success in this project will pave the way for domestic companies in both Bahrain and the Middle East market”

They plan to enter into the Bahrain market with GAMA Industry

Stating that in a period when Bahrain’s attempts to become a financial center and diversfy the economy continues, the discovery of light shale oil and deep gas reservoir bigger that oilfields will make additional economic contribution to the country. Ligvani said, “We believe that this discovery, which will make a great contribution to the development initiatives and projects of Bahrain, will significantly boost the economy of the country.” “This increases our interest in the Bahrain market. We also closely follow the new paper plant investments in the country. On the other hand, we are making serious attempts to enter the Bahrain market with GAMA Industry, which has been in existence for 75 years in the Middle East and realized 75 large-scale projects in this region”, said Ligvani hinting that new business opportunities in the country will arise with these developments.

Ahmet Ligvani emphasized that continuity is important in the market, stating that Turkish firms can easly find themselves place in Bahrain if they prove themselves with successful jobs. Ligvani addressed that Turkey-originated companies will increase ther success if they have the status of free trade without the need for consultancy and local partnership.