GAMA ENERJİ and AKUT, delivered 4.000 students training for disaster awareness through the theatre play “There is No Time to Waste!”

With the project started in 2014, and covering primary schools in provinces Artvin, Mersin, Manisa and Çanakkale, where GAMA Enerji made investments, 4,000 students were delivered training for disaster awareness through 35 different games in total. Project was intended to convey precautions and information to minimize the losses, and save lives in cases of earthquake, fire and float which are all serious disasters, through a theatre play named “There is No Time to Waste!” by both entertaining and encouraging the students to think. After the play, Disaster Awareness and Measures Manual prepared by AKUT and presented to the students supported the information given in the training.

In the last phase of the project run in Ezine, Çanakkale in May 25-27, 2015, AKUT president Ali Nasuh Mahruki and GAMA Enerji Managing Director Sıtkı Şerifeken came together with students, and had chat with the press members. GAMA Energy Managing Director Sıtkı Şerifeken, said that “ While making investments within the country and abroad, GAMA Enerji moves in compliance with the “Equator Principles” which are the rules adopted by international organizations for project financing, social responsibility and environment risk management. Therefore, whereas pursuing a nature friendly investment and operation policy, GAMA Enerji considers it to be a duty to run various corporate social responsibility projects, also with the awareness of corporate citizenship responsibilities. In that respect, we are glad to have completed a successful project in collaboration with AKUT, and we thank AKUT.”

Ali Nasuh Mahruki, who attracted the attention by the students, explained that “ With the aim of building a society resistant to disasters, we consider education to be one of the essential duties of AKUT, coming after search and rescue operations. Since our foundation in 1996, while saving lives in operations, we also delivered seminars for raising disasters awaireness to every segment of society. Children playing a fundamental role in the future of our country, have become the group of first priority for us. With the aim of delivering our children seminars for raising disaster awareness, the most efficienty and memorable way, we produced the play titled “There is No Time to Waste!” By the support of GAMA Enerji, we could present 4,000 children with the play we created with the slogan “lets build our feature together,” and raised the awareness of our 4,000 children about disasters. We thank GAMA Energy for such a significant collaboration.”