GAMA is again among the top international contractors.

McGraw-Hill/Engineering News Record (ENR) Magazine has announced the Top 225 Contractors of the World in 2009 and GAMA has been ranked as the 66th biggest International Contractor. The companies are ranked based on the construction revenues in the international market. Gama was the 60th biggest in 2008.

In 2009, 31 Turkish Contractors in which GAMA is the second, took part within the top 225 companies, the second highest number after the Chinese companies.

GAMA has also been ranked as the 145th biggest contractor (just the same as it was in 2008) in the Global Contractors list as per the revenues of the companies both at home and international market.

The sectoral evaluation of the companies in 2009 will be issued in the Global Sourcebook of ENR in December 2009. In the sectoral rankings GAMA appears as the leading industrial plant contractor in Turkey and takes part in the global short lists -the first 10-15 contractors – especially in the power and industrial plant construction.