GAMA Power Systems and GAMA Industry have attended to the ICCI 2011 – 17th International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference.

Having an important place in the world energy sector, 17th ICCI Fair and Conference took place in Istanbul Expo Center on June 15-16-17, 2011.

As a follower of new practices and occupier of an important position in the sector, our companies of GAMA Power Systems and GAMA Industry participated in this notable activity, and shared their knowledge and experiences with the sector representatives.

Gathering the sector representatives, this conference has become a significant platform in terms of providing the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences on the subjects within the framework of an overview of the energy sector in Turkey and the world, such as liberalization and restructuring practices in energy, supply and demand projections, EU energy policies as well as on the technical subjects, such as cogeneration, high efficiency energy generation technologies, operation and management of the power plants, renewable energy, waste treatment, recycling systems and environmental technologies.