GE Supports GAMA Enerji’s Asset and Operational Value at Kirikkale Power Plant in Turkey.

Helping Turkey increase its sustainable energy supply, GE recently announced a 20-year Contractual Services Agreement (CSA) with GAMA Enerji for an 840-megawatt combined cycle power plant in Kirikkale in central Turkey. Once the site has been commissioned – expected to happen in early 2016-, GE will provide planned and unplanned maintenance under availability and performance guarantees for two GE 9F.05 gas turbines and a GE 209D steam turbine.

GAMA Enerji will benefit from GE’s latest technology, local resources and global experience for the next 20+ years.

GE has worked with GAMA Holding over the past 20 years on a variety of projects from combined cycle to thermal to renewable power plants focusing both on contracting and investment schemes.