Our efforts of bringing our employees from Sirte-Libya to Turkey successfully completed.

Our efforts of bringing our employees from Sirte to Turkey has come to an end as of 21:25 hrs 25 February 2011.

GAMA Industry’s status regarding the evacuation of Libya Project is as follows:

  • Total of Turkish personnel evacuated: 722
  • Total of citizens of other countries evacuated: 225 (the majority is Egyptian)
  • Total of GAMA personnel evacuated: 947

With our last plane departing from Sirte to Turkey, in addition to GAMA employees, we had the opportunity to bring 38 personnel of Erkoç Construction, 11 personnel of Eren Construction and 3 Turkish visitors who were also stuck in Sirte.

Therefore, the sum of people evacuated from Sirte is 999 persons (GAMA, its subcontractors, Erkoç, Eren, both Turkish and other nationalities).