President Abdullah Gül, attended the opening ceremony of the construction works of DISI project.

Ribbon cutting during the ceremony, President Abdullah Gül and Jordan Prime Minister Nadir Dahari gave a start for the construction of the project which will extract the water located 600 meters down in the district of Disi Mudawara, south of Jordan and transmit this water to Amman 325 km away.
During his speech at the ceremony, President Gül, focusing particularly on the importance of Disi project drew the guests’ attention to the fact that such huge projects can be developed even at times of crisis. Mr. Ebu Suud, Minister of Water and Irrigation of Jordan, thanked to the participants of the project as Jordan tries to secure it’s water resources and it is, to a large extend, with this project that the water security of Jordan will be ensured and that the project also lays the ground for future cooperation between Turkey and Jordan.

GAMA Energy won the tender based on Build Operate & Transfer, launched in the mids of 2006 by the Government of Jordan in order to meet the water demand of Amman, the Capital. The project includes the transfer to Amman of 100 million cubic meter water per year which will be extracted from an underground water reservoir in Disi district, south of Jordan during a period of 25 years and the delivery of this water to be stored in Amman. The total investment cost of the project is around US$ 1 billion and the project facilities will be handed over to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation in the end of 25 year concession period.