238 MW Kashagan Combined Cycle Power Plant, Kazakhstan

238 MW Kashagan Combined Cycle Power Plant

Execution of all civil works, steel structure, mechanical, electrical erection, piping, instrumentation, painting and insulation works of 238 MW natural gas fired combined cycle power plant composed of 4×42 MW gas turbines and 2×35 MW steam turbines for the power supply for Trench 1 and 2 of Kashagan Petroleum Area.

This project is undertaken and executed by GATE İnşaat Taahhüt San. ve Tes. A.Ş., a subsidiary of GAMA with %50 share.

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Kashagan, Kazakhstan

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AGIP Kazakhstan North Caspian Operators (KCO)

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Bateman Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Company BV.

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Project Duration

30 Months (May 2005 - November 2007)