Denis Coal Handling and Transport System, Turkey

Denis Coal Handling and Transport System

Design, supply and construction of a unique coal conveyor system, extending from Denis coal mines to Soma Power Plant was performed by GAMA in two phases. A 8,500 m long, single line, down hill belt conveyor system are constructed during the first phase whereas two 5,500 m long lines were installed during the second phase.

The conveyors have a capacity of 1,000 tons/hr each, a belt width of 1,000 mm and belt speed of 4.5 m/sec.

The Project was executed in technological partnership with KRUPP Industritechnik GmbH (Germany), a subcontractor to GAMA Industry.

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Soma, Turkey

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Turkish Electricity Authority (TEK) / Turkey

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Phase 1: GAMA Industry Inc., Phase 2: Skodaexport and GAMA Industry Inc. Consortium

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Project Duration

Phase 1: 31 Months (1985 - 1987), Phase 2: 48 Months (1987 - 1992)