Kaluga Electro Steel Melting Complex, Russian Federation

Kaluga Electro Steel Melting Complex

Kaluga Electro Steel Melting Complex Project is realized as a “Greenfield Project” by GAMA Industry Inc.

The complex, which has been working in normal manufacturing regime since August 2013, can handle 2 million ton of scrap iron and produce 1 million ton of reinforcing steel bars and hot rolled profiles annually.

The Project, which has quite big volume of works with main items of 2,000,000 m3 earthworks, 120,000 m3 concrete, 45,000 ton structural steel and 10,000 ton equipment erection,  consists of electric arc and ladle furnaces, 8-strand caster, billet handling and storage facilities, de-dusting plant, water treatment plants, scrap yard, material preparation plant and other auxiliary units.

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Obninsk, Russian Federation

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GAMA Industry Inc.

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Project Duration

60 Months (July 2008 - July 2013)

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Project Amount

436 Million USD

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9 Million Man-Hours