Khurais Gas & Oil Separation Plant, Saudi Arabia

Khurais Gas & Oil Separation Plant

The Khurais project as a whole covers three oilfields: Khurais, Abu Jifan and Mazalij. Throughout this region there are numerous gas oil separation plants (GOSPs), which provide the initial separation of water and gas from the oil prior to shipment to Abqaiq for further processing.

GAMA Industry provided civil, infrastructure, structural, architectural, electromechanical erection works of gas and oil separation plant and make it ready for commissioning.

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Khurais, Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Aramco

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Snamprogetti Saudi Arabia Ltd. Co. (Part of SAIPEM group)

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Project Duration

37 Months (Sept. 2015 - Oct. 2019)

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Project Amount

74 Million USD

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5.3 Million Man-Hours