Tomskneft Luginetsky Gas Compressor Station, Russian Federation

Tomskneft Luginetsky Gas Compressor Station

Luginetsky Gas Compressor Sation is located in a remote area, about 500 km north of Tomsk city in Western Siberia. Ambient temprature varies from +36 C during summer to -55 C in winter time. The station is planned to seperate, compress and dehydrate the associated gas from the Luginetsky oil field.

The maximum anticipated output gas capacity is about 4.3 Mm3 /day. There are two 14 MW gas turbine driven centrifugal compressors in the main station. A booster compressor station, which is, located 1.6 km away feeds the gas to the main station by two screw compressors driven by electric motors.
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Luginetsky, Russian Federation

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TOMSKNEFT VNK - Russian Federation

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Bateman International B.V. - Holland

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Project Duration

37 Months (April 1996 - July 2002)