TUPRAS Kırıkkale Refinery Diesel Desulphurisation and CCR Reformer, Turkey

TUPRAS Kırıkkale Refinery Diesel Desulphurisation and CCR Reformer

GAMA is responsible for the civil construction, structural steel fabrication and erection, reinforced concrete and structural steel buildings (design + material + labour), equipment erection, pipe erection, painting and insulation works, electrical and instrumentation works and pre-commissioning works of the NHT Revamp, Reformer, Catalyst Regeneration, Benfree, Flare, Condensate Recovery, Process & Utility, Yard Line and Tankage Area, Hydrojen Presurrising & Storage units and Control, Substation and Analyzer buildings.

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Kirikkale, Turkey

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TUPRAS Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation

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GS (South Korea), TECNICAS REUNIDAS S.A (Spain), GAMA Industry, Alarko Consortium

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Project Duration

42 Months (January 2005 - June 2008)