Internship Opportunities

With our internship programs, we aim to meet our excited and promising students during the first step of their career journeys.

While getting to know young talents with our internship programs, we provide them with the opportunity to gain experience in business life, and to get to know our institution and culture.

As a prerequisite interships are compulsory in their schools for students who apply for internships at our companies. Students who perform well in their areas can extend their internship period and we consider them first for our available job opportunities.

• We receive general internship applications in February, finalize the internship applications in March and deliver the application results via e-mail.

• Secondly, we provide internship opportunities for 3.5 months each year to a large number of students within the scope of the ‘Joint Education’ model, which is based on cooperation with contracted universities.

• Thirdly, we provide every summer internship programs lasting for two months at GAMA Energy plants to our students in the Department of Alternative Energy Resources Technology at Ankara University GAMA Vocational.