GAMA Education Foundation

We see education as the pillar for a sustainable, developing and modern Turkey.  As GAMA Education Foundation, active since 1997, we have been carrying out activities particularly in education and cultural fields along with universities and various non-governmental organizations within the framework of a specific program. We aim to contribute to our country by ensuring the sustainability of our investments and by ensuring that the projects we support have lasting impacts.

Vocational College

Ankara Üniversitesi GAMA Vocational College

GAMA Vocational College was founded in 2011, within Ankara University with the support of GAMA Education Foundation. In 2012, the Biomedical Equipment Technologies Program, part of the Electronics and Automation Department, was implemented to train intermediate personnel for the health sector. In 2016, the Alternative Energy Resources Program, which provides training for technicians to be employed in power plants, was also implemented.

GAMA Vocational College, due to the intense interest in both programs has implemented II. Education (night) programs, and education-learning activities are carried out in two departments and with four programs in total. In 2018 – 2019 academic year, 500 students are studying in the Biomedical Equipment Technologies and Alternative Energy Resources Programs.

GAMA Education Foundation provides monetary scholarship and TÖMER English Course scholarship opportunities to successful students of Ankara University GAMA Vocational College to support their English education. In addition, laboratories were established for the school (obtaining HEK devices from hospitals, donation devices etc.), internship programs, technical tours, opportunities for students to meet directors from the sector, and out of university activities such as talks and trainings on working life were performed by GAMA Education Foundation.

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From Some Our Projects

GAMA Produced A Horizontal Wind Turbine From GAMA Vocational College Students

Ankara University GAMA Vocational College, Alternative Energy Resources Technology students have implemented the 1 kW Horizontal Wind Turbine Project by using their professional internship experience they gained at GAMA Energy’s power plants.

GAMA Vocational College Internship Program

Nine students from the Alternative Energy Resources Technology Program at GAMA Vocational College of Ankara University completed two months of internship programs at GAMA Energy’s power plants.

METU Design Factory Cooperation

Within the scope of the cooperation between GAMA Energy and METU Design Factory during the Spring Semester, students developed a prototype of wind turbines for GAMA Energy in their “Interdisciplinary Design” class. Throughout the semester, two different groups of students working with mentors from GAMA Energy shared their design processes and business plans in detail.

Van, Akdamar GAMA High School

Within the scope of the support given to education, GAMA Holding has undertaken the construction of the new high school, multi-purpose hall and lodging in accordance with the need for training facilities in the city due to the Van earthquake which occurred on October 23, 2011. The Akdamar GAMA High School has 13 classrooms, built on 60 acres of land with an estimated capacity up to 500 students. The High School which will meet the need for education in 25 villages to a large extent commenced education and training in 2012. Today, nearly 300 students continue their education in our school.

AKUT Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Our company GAMA Energy within GAMA Holding, in the fight against natural disasters with AKUT aims to raise awareness in Turkey and has organized training programs for children between 2014-2016. Within the scope of the project, which lasted for two years, GAMA Energy has reached 33 education institutions in the regions where its investments are located and approximately 8,500 students have been given training in order to increase natural disaster awareness.