About Us

About GAMA Industry

GAMA started its activities in 1959. Founded in 1970, GAMA Industrial Plants Manufacturing and Erection, Inc. (GAMA Industry), has become one of the leading companies in the sector by completing more than 400 projects in 25 countries. Since 1976, GAMA Industry has completed many overseas projects in the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and Europe and with its extensive experience in engineering, procurement and construction, infrastructure and industrial projects it has been involved in;

  • Construction Projects: 100 Projects in 7 countries,
  • Health Campuses: 4 Health Campus in 2 countries,
  • Public Transport Projects: 4 Subway System Projects in Turkey
  • Roads: 3 Road Projects in Ireland,
  • Oil and Gas Projects: 11 Oil and Gas Projects in 7 countries,
  • Natural Gas Liquified (LNG) Plants: 7 LNG Plants in 3 countries,
  • Refineries: 10 Refineries in 5 countries,
  • Petrochemical Plants: 10 Petrochemical Plants in 3 countries,
  • Chemical Plants: 8 Chemical Plants in 2 countries,
  • Water Projects: 8 Water Projects in 2 countries,
  • Cement Plants: 12 Cement Plants with clinker capacity of 55.000 tons / day,
  • Factories: 70 factories in 2 countries
  • Power Plants: 39 Power Plants with a total capacity of 16,581 MW

and has become one of the world’s largest companies in the contracting industry.

GAMA Industry today;

  • Is focused on development and change with an international management approach,
  • Carries out joint ventures with domestic and foreign companies and forms successful partnerships by establishing harmonious cooperation,
  • Is able to work in different cultural, social and geographical conditions of the world,
  • Values customer satisfaction and continuously self-improves as a principle,
  • With its expert staff in the national and international arena conducts business at the highest quality and in a timely manner.
  • Is a globally prestigious contracting company.

GAMA Industry Sector Leader in Turkey

GAMA Industry, with the significant and major projects it realized in Turkey has been a pioneer in many areas, and with its investments and overseas activities has made other GAMA Holding firms’ foundation and development possible. Turkey’s first high-pressure pipeline (Murgul – Hopa concentrated copper pipeline), the first submarine pipeline crossing (Istanbul Strait crossing), the first ash dam  (Soma-B Thermal Power Plant Ash Dam), the first Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant (Çayırhan Thermal Power Plant) the first subway system (Ankara Metro), the first large Build-Operate-Transfer Project (Birecik Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant) was constructed by GAMA Industry.

GAMA Industry has been awarded many times with certificates and plaques by its customers, professional organizations and state authorities for successfully completing many projects with its high performance, high throughput and loss-free work days.

GAMA Industry Adds Value

With its partnerships, consortiums and as a manufacturer of EPC companies GAMA Industry;

  •  Minimizes the risk limits of its partner by sharing the risks in the country of work, with its extensive experience,
  • Works in accordance with the legal regulations of the countries’ of business with a deep knowledge in carrying out business ventures in different geographies.
  • Successfully fulfills its supply services.
  • Has extensive experience in carrying out engineering services within its scope.
  • Plays an active role in project financing procurement.