5×367 MW Shoaiba Thermal Power Plant – Stage 1

Mechanical, electrical & instrumentation erection of works of boiler package (5 Units), mechanical erection works of turbine hall (5 units), mechanical erection works of BoP (Balance of Plant).

3×210 MW Kemerkoy Thermal Power Plant Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant

GAMA Industry performed turnkey construction of Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant with wet limestone process for 3×210 MW Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant Units I, II & III, consisting of Limestone Handling, Absorbent Preparation, Scrubbing (with 3 ea. Scrubbers), Flue Gas, Gypsum Dewatering & Handling, Utility, Electrical and C&I Systems, including infrastructure and buildings.

150 MW Kirikkale Diesel Power Plant

Based on PPA, the project is a fully privately financed and constructed on turn-key basis with two significant phases:

  1. Construction of 150 MW (established capacity) combined cycle diesel power plant (consist of 13 each 11 MW engines and one 9.5 MW steam turbune & generator),
  2. Operation of the power plant for 5 years with 8,760 hr/year and 130 MW-100% availability.

EPC contract includes all basic & detailed design of the power plant, procurement of all power plant equipment, all civil, structural works, all mechanical erection works, installation of all electrical, instrumentation and control systems. The contract also includes commissioning, start-up works and training of client’s personnel.

Operation of the plant is also in the scope of GAMA.

2×39.5 MW Erdemir Cogeneration Power Plant

Turnkey design, supply and construction of a natural gas fired cogeneration plant, comprising two GE frame 6B gas turbine generators (39.5 MW capacity each) and two HRSG’s (each generating 80 tons/hr of medium pressure and 4 tons/hr of low pressure steam), including all auxiliary components are executed.

6×165 MW Soma-B Thermal Power Plant

The Soma-B Power Plant consisting of six coal-fired production units and auxiliary systems, was constructed on a turn-key basis and in three stages as follows:

Stage 1: Construction of 2×165 MW Units 1 & 2

Stage 2: Construction of 2×165 MW Units 3 & 4, including ash dam and hydraulic transport system

Stage 3: Construction of 2×165 MW Units 5 & 6

2×150 MW Cayirhan TPP Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant

Flue gas desulphurization plant for 2×150 MW Cayirhan Thermal Power Plant Units I & II, consisting of 2 ea. 100 m high scrubbers, auxiliary systems and ancillary buildings.

GAMA Industry is responsible for detail design of all civil works, buildings, locally fabricated structural steel and equipment, complete electrical and instrumentation installation, and start-up and commissioning of the plant.